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Diplomatic Reporting Telegram By (Students name) Diplomacy (Professor’s name) (Date Due) Table of Contents Summary 3 American Attitudes and Feelings towards Iran That May Influence Voters during Voting 3 Description of President Osama’s and Rick Santorum’s Current Position toward Iran 6 Analysis on Whose Elections Would Be Best for Iran’s Interest 8 Recommendations 8 Works cited 9 Summary The US elections are around the corner. There are a number of presidential aspirants in the two major political parties. Both Democrats and Republicans are out to sell their manifestos and ideologies. Everyone is trying hard to gunner as much votes as possible. One of the most striking issues that can be noticed in manifestos of most candidates is Iranian issues. They are mainly concerned about Iranian nuclear weapon developmentprogram, involvement in the Gulf and Middle East countries and Iran’s interest in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan (Newton-Small, 2012). American people are all interested in understanding how these aspirants if given the chance intends to address issue of nuclear development by Iran, Iranian support of terrorism as alleged by American citizens and Iranian actions in Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria. Thus, this has led to candidates talking of their varied ways and methods of addressing the Iranian issue. Most republicans have criticized president Obama’s way of tackling the issue (Oppel, 2011). American Attitudes and Feelings towards Iran That May Influence Voters during Voting This concerns the political leader’s feelings towards Iran and how the common American citizen sees Iranians. Iran is an important issue that will affect voting trends in most American voters. Any aspirant who shows the will to solve the Iranian issue that concerns Americans effectively would no doubt gunner more votes. Some feelings by Americans towards Iran are as

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