Diploma of Management Essay

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SECTION 1: ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN A WHS MANAGEMENT SYSTEMActivity 11. What policies might an organisation develop as part of its commitment to health and safety? Policies an organisation may develop as its commitment to health and safety are i)) risk assessment ii) training - manual handling, heavy lifting, chemical use, personal protective equipment iii) duties of employers, workers and contractors iv) discrimination and harassment in the workplace 2. What information should be provided when communicating policies to workers? Workplace Health and Safety Policies, health and safety documentation as well as any other relevant health, safety and welfare information should be communicated to staff, this information can be found on state government legislation websites. The information should be accurate so workers can perform their work safely. They also should be informed about health and safety activities and issues. Activity 21. When defining responsibilities, what must be included? Health and safety legislation and standards that are relevant to the workplace responsibilities should be specific eg identifying and controlling hazards and risks minimising risks that could lead to injury, loss or damage Key performance indicators, early rehabilitation of injured workers 2. What are a PCBU and an officer in regards to health and safety legislation? A PCBU conducts a business or undertaking alone or with others They can operate for either profit of non-profit. Their decisions influence the action or activities that determine the effectiveness of health and safety initiatives and compliance by PCBU in relation to health and safety legislation. A PCBU has the primary duty of care to make sure the health and safety of workers while they are at work. A PCBU is also responsible for making sure that work carried out does not carry risk to

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