Diploma Level 3 Health and Social Care

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Assignment 307 Task B Guidelines Best practice in handling information Staff must follow the data protection act and keep patient’s records up to date, accurate and legible. To do this staff must :- Write information about individual patient’s in their records at the end of every working shift. Written information about patient’s must be factual and accurate. Do not make assumptions or opinions about the patient. Information that is written in records must have a date, time of entry and the name who has written the information. All information about individual patient’s must be completed on every working shift. Staff members have the responsibility to ensure patient’s records are stored securely and kept confidential at all times. When written records are not in use they must be stored in a locked filing cabinet in a locked office. If patient’s records, information about patient’s or accident forms are located on computers then staff must maintain the security of this information by making sure computers are logged off properly and locked when not in use and change their individual passwords regularly. If patient’s information needs to be stored on a USB stick or hard drive then they must be encrypted to ensure security and safety. When staff are making entries in patient’s records or reading information about patient’s they must make sure this remains confidential. When writing information in records staff need to be aware of who is around them and who can see the information that is being written. Make sure patient’s information is written in the staff office so that people not involved in their care can not see what is being written. When reading patient’s information staff must ensure this is done in the staff office or another secure area of the ward so that the information is kept confidential and that only people involved in the

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