Diploma in Leadership Unit 10

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Unit 10 - Lead and manage a team within a health and social care or children and young peoples setting Reflective account. In my role as a Unit manager, one of the ways I ensure the correct methods of communication are being used effectively for the service users in my care, is to review care plans on a monthly basis. I do Regular supervisions with my Seniors and care staff, and check that all the needs of the service users are being met, and recorded correctly. I also make sure that all the information is being recorded in a format that can be understood by anyone that reads it, so avoid using abbreviations or jargon. I have contact with family members, regarding their family members care and professional bodies including Social workers, Doctors etc... My role involves preparing and maintaining care plans, of which of the most part is aimed at ensuring staff understand the very best communication method for each service user based on their individual needs, while also ensuring that their individual rights are met and giving support and guidance on how to achieve this. I have 2 notice boards on my unit that ensure that service users and visitors know what staff are on duty and their job role in the unit, and an activities board which is updated weekly by activity staff to let everyone know what will be happening everyday of the week, and these are written in a clear and easily read text so can be understood by al that reads it. I ensure confidentiality is met and maintained by attending appropriate training and ensuring staff attend and understand the implications of breaking confidentiality. 1.1 Explain the features of effective team performance. An effective team is enforced though positive leadership, and is something that develops over time. The effective team will always work together and focus and support each other
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