Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 2 Unit 2 Essay

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Unit 2 1.2 To identify the standards that are required and expected within your role in the workplace and the personal standards you set yourself over and above that you need to start with what is expected of you. This takes several parts such as what is expected of you legally, by your employer, national occupational standards and of course by your client and your own standards. * The National Occupational Standards are a Government approved National regulator and set out required and measurable performance indicators for most work related roles available. They are researchable on the internet provide an in depth best practise role descriptions, guidelines and advise. *Codes of practise will be set at various levels such as Government, local and individual businesses. They will have evolved through time and probably, sadly, have altered most when malpractice comes to light. *Minimum Standards will again be set out at various levels both local and national and will be included in codes of practise and by employers expectations. *Your own standards will be affected not only by what is expected of you but your own attitude towards your work. Most will approach caring not as a job but as a calling and as such will set themselves very high standards. I myself approach it with the mindset that I will treat a person how I would expect my parents to be treated. 1.3 Personal attitudes and beliefs can influence the quality of work in all roles of life. It is very important to identify this where necessary but more importantly to educate and train to prevent it. It is something we are all responsible for as an individual and as part of a team. There various ways we can ensure that our work is unaffected by our attitudes and beliefs some of which we can do ourselves and some can be addressed by our supervisors and employers. For their part, our supervisors etc

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