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LEVEL 3 UNITS CU256 CU2546 The Role of the Health and Social Care Worker 1 Understand working relationships in health and social care 1.1 A working relationship is different to a personal relationship in many ways, emotionally you are not attached in a working relationship you do not disclose personal information as you would in a personal relationship. There are boundaries, policies and procedures and codes of conduct to follow at all times in a working relationship. In a working relationship I would treat everyone equally and in a friendly manner. 1.2 Different working relationships would include others that I cross paths while in my working role, these would include colleagues, managers, district nurses, doctors, paramedics, service users and their family or next of kin. Each of these groups of people I would approach differently and build an individual approach in communicating with them, I would always ensure that it was done in a professional way. 2 Be able to work in ways that are agreed with the employer 2.1 It is important to adhere to my job role to ensure I know my own competence and capabilities and that I always know my role and follow my job description using the boundaries set out. 2.2 I need to have access to up to date details of agreed ways of working, to ensure that any changes in policies that need to be law abided are adhered too. The company will most likely have to make changes to policies and procedures to protect themselves, the workers and service users. 2.3 A care plan would set implement the agreed ways of working. I would then have to follow the car plan set out; I have to make sure that my duty of care to the individuals is used to prevent injuries occurring. Taking into consideration the individuals choices but ensuring I keep them safe also. 3 Be able to work in partnership with others 3.1 Its important to

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