Diploma 3 Assignment 204

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Question A-1 Describe in your own words what is meant by the following types of abuse. Types of abuse are as follows: * Physical: Injury to the physical body * Verbal: Using words to cause emotional or psychological distress * Sexual: Uninvited or unwanted sexual activity * Emotional: Feelings of distress caused by words or actions * Psychological: Thoughts of distress cause by words or actions * Financial: Misappropriation of finances * Institutional: A culture of accepted abusive conduct within an institution * Neglect: Knowingly not fulfilling the duty of care * Self neglect: The individual knowingly neglects his own well-being * Grooming: Slow progressive steps to desensitize an individual to abuse Question A-2 Identify signs and symptoms of the different types of abuse. Physical abuse: Hitting, kicking, pulling hair, pinching, scratching, shaking or burning, giving too much or not enough medicine, lifting badly causing injury, holding down or stopping from moving around, menacing looks, pulling faces. Signs and symptoms: The individual has unexplained breaks, cuts, bruising, injury or hair loss. Verbal abuse: Threatening, shouting, swearing, giving rude gestures, name calling, starting rumours or telling lies about an individual, doing any of the above through social media or technology. Signs and symptoms: The individual becomes withdrawn, stays away from certain people and becomes aggressive when one person is mentioned. Financial abuse: Stealing money or property, unwanted purchases, not allowing wanted purchases when they have enough money for the purchase, unsolicited visits for unneeded items or repairs, letters demanding un-owed money. Signs and symptoms: The individual has a sudden and unexplained loss of finances, missing property, unusually stocked fridge or pantry, unnecessary
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