Dionysus The King: Two Gods In Greek Mythology

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Undecided Title Jessica Cottrill COM/156 Gerald Chouinard There are two gods in Greek mythology that stand out from a medical standpoint, in particular. Those being Hippocrates and Asclepius. Hippocrates has become known to many historians and physicians as the founding father of medicine due to his taking it and making it a rational practice, free from magic and superstition. (Osborn, 2010.) The influences of Hippocrates are vast and still provide a basis for physicians today. He was the first to document medical histories and use patient histories to study their illnesses. He factored in all aspects of their lives including past medical problems, the climate in which they live, diet and their line of work.…show more content…
In the Greek myth of Dionysus, the first description of an incubator is noted. In the story, the mortal woman Semeli, Dionysus' mother, requested that Zeus be present at the birth of him. Outraged, Zeus burns her as she is giving birth and takes the baby Dionysus from her body. Dionysus being a prematurely born infant was said to be struggling to live so Zeus sent him to Hyades. Hyades placed the baby Dionysus into a cave-incubator, a moist, warm environment. Pine trees were planted outside of the cave in order to act as an air filter keeping debri and harmful elements in the air from disturbing the baby. (Tsoucalas, Tsoucalas, 2012.) At least six of the forementioned Hippocratic Collection cover surgery and trauma with a heavy emphasis on head trauma. Hippocrates studied deeply the human body's effects from it. He began documenting the effect of injuries to the left and the right sides of the head and the side effects of each. With fractures, Hippocrates would debride the area of the fracture first, which is removing all dead tissue and debri before casting the area, eliminating the risk of further infection. (Pikoulis, 2004.) This practice is done to this day in emergency
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