Dinosaur Extinction Essay

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The three main theories of the dinosaurs’ extinction are the asteroid, volcano, and continental drift theories. Of the three more serious theories, the most well supported theory is the impact of a large asteroid. It is a well-known fact that throughout the history of the planet there have been many thousands of impacts some large and some small. The results of these impacts can have a wide variation. It is widely agreed that an asteroid, about 10 kilometers across, struck just off the coast of the Yucatan peninsula 65 years ago. According to scientists saying that dinosaur extinction came quickly, the impact must have spelled the violent end to the dinosaurs’ lives. Some scientists think the answers to whether dinosaurs lost their dominance quickly or gradually lie within the remnants of volcanoes. Massive beds of ancient lava found around the world depict an Earth 65 to 70 million years ago where volcanic eruptions were common. Other scientists say that the repositioning of the world’s landmasses was disastrous for dinosaurs. As continents heaved upward, ocean currents were redirected and global sea levels fell. The Interior Seaway, which once divided North America in half, simply drained away as the Colorado Plateau rose thousands of feet. Though all these theories are well supported and make a lot of since, I think the continental drift theory is the better of them. First, an asteroid explosion so big to wipe out all the dinosaurs most likely would have made a bigger impact on the Earth. Second, the volcano theory just doesn’t make much sense to me. How can a volcano destroy all the dinosaurs? It just does not make since. The continental drift theory makes more sense. Earthquakes could have injured and killed the dinosaurs and climate changes due to the loss of sea levels could have also impacted the

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