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Dinner Party Planning There is something so classy about sitting down to a nice, elegant dinner with a few friends or family members. Maybe it’s the light from the candles. Maybe it’s the sound of the forks hitting the porcelain. Or maybe it’s because one of the first gifts that man was given was the ability to enjoy food. But whatever it is, throwing a dinner party is a wonderful excuse to get together when there is nothing in particular to celebrate. Planning a dinner party is slightly different from planning a regular party. Normally there are fewer guests invited to a dinner party then a regular party. The atmosphere is a little bit more intimate. Yes, food it a hug party of throwing a regular party but, with dinner parties, the focus is centered around the food more. It is a sit down dinner while some parties are buffets or just appetizers like cocktail parties. Find out more at The guest list is limited by how many guests can be seated around your table comfortably. It is up to the host as to who is invited. Sometimes throwing a dinner party is a way to introduce a couple of friends to each other. Or maybe you love to experiment with cooking and would like someone to experiment on. Some thought would go into who should be invited. Do these people get along; will they find mutual subjects to talk about. Is this person that you would like to invite going to be the odd man out? This especially pertains to if you are inviting mostly couples. The important things to remember in your dinner party planning are your supplies. This is not the type of party where you can supply paper plates and plastic forks and knifes. Dinner parties call for breaking out the fine china and silverware. If you don’t think that you own anything that is acceptable, you can always rent some. You should also use a centerpiece for the table that includes candles. The

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