Dimensions Of Interprofessional Practice Essay

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Leanne Battersby 17024576 BA Hons Adult Nursing Faculty of Health and Wellbeing Sheffield Hallam University 14th December 2007 Introduction to Study, Practice and the Profession of Nursing Reflective essay Word Count 1,107 ISPPN Reflective Essay In this essay I am going to outline my personal strengths and weakness’ both in an academic and clinical setting, using Gibb’s reflective model. I will also explain how these skills can be built upon. Nursing is a life long learning process in which you continue your professional development throughout your career. The Department of Health (2003) outlines that Continuing Professional Development is a process of lifelong learning for all individuals which meet the needs of patients and which enables professionals to expand to their full potential. The NMC (2004) sets standards and guidance which enables professionals to demonstrate that they are keeping up to date with developments in professional practice and expanding their knowledge and competence. I am at the beginning of my life long journey. In university I will be developing my basic needs to become a newly qualified nurse; however one way I can gain further understanding is by reflecting upon my experiences. Siviter (2004) describes that reflection is the process in which you look at yourself and your practice objectively. Bolton (2005) argues that it is the way you incorporate your theory and practice in order to grow as a professional. Additionally it’s how you convert yourself from a student into a nurse, and later how you transform yourself from a novice to an expert using Benner’s (2001) model. Benner developed a model of skill acquisition for nursing. It describes five levels of proficiency and their characteristics which. The five stages are: novice, advanced beginner, competent, proficient and expert. These stages have been
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