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Dim Sum” The traditionalist in other mean is the one that refuse to welcome the modern world, anti-modern. They like to stick with the old time thinking method and refuse to joint with the modern idea. They think the modern idea as the big monstes and they will destroy the root of the culture. For example, the traditionalist cares more about the detail of procedure of creating but the modern cares more about the efficiency and speeding. I think it is really depends on the generation to determined whether the person is traditionalist or not. Almost everyone in my parents' generation are traditionalist and most in my generation is not. Bicultural, the mixture of two different cultures into one. The person that is bicultural is enjoying the good of two different cultures and put them well together in his everyday life. For example, an Asian bicultural might be so quite at home because his family is the very non-verbal type but he might be also very talkative and active in school. He might be also enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday in the Western culture and also the Chinese New Year with his Asian family. Folk and chopstick for him are the same convience and he eat burger as much as he eat rice. I think new immigrate can be easily become bicultural because they are experiencing two different cultures, from the society and their family. Also, a marriage between two different culture, study aboard, and having a new group of friends also might make them adopt to bicultural. Assimilationist is when an individual adapts to the dominant culture, such as new immigrates to United States and they fully convert to the Western culture, from their religion, language, and value. The groups that are assimilationist are willing to put themselves to the new culture and they will slowly

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