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Feda Faizi Feb 10, 2014 The Stunt Pilot Life is a magnificent thing. It is a collection of beautiful experiences that shed a light on the human character. The world is a plethora of individuals that strive to live in a manner that defines themselves. Often one see life to be a preserved and protected element, an element that some celebrate while others dare it. Dare it to the point where it makes others question its sacredness. Why is life so meaningful to some? And why do others take it as a mockery? The answer to all of these questions lie within the individuals themselves. It depends on their unique experiences and based on those past experiences they have formed a unique meaning for life itself. In the story Dillard is mesmerized by the stunt pilot actions through his bravery, his skills, and love of his craft. Dillard truly sees the beauty of life. The stunt pilot was never afraid to risk his life, for him the show was a work of art. Safety was not an issue, he led himself roam free and let his exhibitions take off. “We came back for another pass at the mountain, and another. We dove at the snow head long like suicides; we jerked up, down, or away at the last second, so late that we left our hearts, stomach and lungs behind.” Dillard is terrified at the stunt pilots’ seemingly erratic behavior. Yet the stunt pilot is…show more content…
His skill illuminates his willingness and desire to truly live. He does not take for granted the skills that he has been given, rather he takes life with all full use of the throttle. The oddest, most exhilarating and exhausting thing was this: he never quit. The music had no periods no rests or endings, the poetry’s beautiful sentence never ended; the line had no finish, the sculpted forms piled overhead, one into another without surcease.” Dillard showcases the beauty of life that the stunt pilot has. His skill is an embodiment of living life to the fullest

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