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Dill Harris Baker Dill Harris Baker is a close friend and neighbour of Scout and Jem in Harper lee’s novel ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’. In the beginning of the novel Dill may seem insignificant and trivial, but Dill is used by Harper Lee in a number of important ways; he represents childhood innocence, which is missing from the town of Maycomb. He is much more adventures and curious then both Scout and Jem, which leads them into various adventures and stories. Dill is also used by Harper Lee as a mix of many of the other characters to show flaws and different character traits in them, and lastly Dills name also holds some interesting symbolism. Overall Dill is a crucial character to the stories development. Throughout to kill a mockingbird Dill represents the theme of childhood innocence. The town of…show more content…
Scout tells us that Dill could tell ‘the biggest ones’ when it came to telling stories and lies. He was great at telling the biggest lies and the most fanciful stories. This makes him similar to Mayella because during the trial of Tom Robinson, Mayella tells the biggest lies and story to try and convict Tom of Raping her. Dill’s lies and Mayella’s lies are very similar as both of them are lying to try and raise themselves in the social order and both of them are trying to hide something through there lies and stories. Dill is trying to make himself look better to Scout and Jem so that he’ll be more respected and at the same time through his stories he hides his background form them, and Mayella tries to make herself look better to the people of Maycomb and to the general society, and through her stories she tries to hide the fact that she’s the one that did something wrong, and that she is actually the one breaking the social order. Again Dill is similar, but is an innocent version of Mayella. His lies and stories go no deeper than the surface, while Mayella’s lies and stories hide something much darker and deeper than

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