Dilemmas Essay

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CHAPTER 1 1. we should be very careful regarding our ______________ in our daily practical life faith b. intentions c. religion d.none of these. 2._______________ plays a vital role in our entire life. a. religion b. culture c. intentions d.none of these 3. steps of faith are a.verbal commitment b. acceptance by heart c. practical demand d. a and b e. all of these 4.First step of faith is a. acceptance by heart b. verbal commitment c. practical demand d.none of these 5.______________ is not sufficent for the commitment of faith a. practical demand b. verbal commitmet c. both of them d. none of these 6.surah Baqrah is the longest surah comprising _____ veres a. 286 b. 826 c. 628 d. 682 7.verily it is we who have sent down the a. Zikar b. miracle c. messenger d. none of these 8.polytheism is said as a. shirk b. sin c. mistake d. none of these 9.One who is to be worshiped is meant as a. wahid b. Ilaha c. ahad d. none of these 10.It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that implication of _______ concept is mandatory a. discipline b. unity c. true d. none of these 11.The wise people get the lesson from the ______ of Allah a. book b. warinigs c. sign d. none of these 12. muslims have a firm belief in the future life on the dooms day a. true b. false 13.the entire structure of all islamic doctrines including worships and moral values depends on a. our teaching and brought up b. our faith c. our religion d. all of these 14.This world is the place of a. reward or punishmenr b. action c. exam d. none of these 19. Meaning of religion is a. belief in b. worship of c. obedience to a supernatural power

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