Dilemma in Health and Social Care

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This assignment will describe a dilemma within a Health and Social Care setting. It will explain how the principles of good practice, legal framework and organizational policies were implemented. The principles of good practice include Autonomy, Choice, Confidentiality, Equality and Respect and these will be examined in more depth. The legal framework is the National legislation put in place by the government. The organizational policies are the guidelines associated with national legislation implemented by local authorities or independent organizations and these will also be applied to the case study. This essay is about a 76 year old lady within a respite setting. From now on she will be referred to as Martha to protect her identity as per Data Protection Act (1998). Martha suffers from some short term memory loss and has spent 5 weeks in hospital following a fall, before being transferred to respite. She has made good progress and has been assessed as being independent in all activities of daily living. She just requires prompts to remember to take her medication. The dilemma faced by the respite Centre happened when Martha was due to be discharged home. Her daughter has arranged to collect her Mum on a particular day at an arranged time. Martha’s Daughter and Son in Law have recently moved into her home to live with her. On the day in question, when the daughter arrived to collect her, Martha was found ‘hiding’ in the staff room with her friend when approached by the staff she said she did not want to go home if her daughter and son in law were still going to be living there. She stated that they were ‘taking over her life and her money’. She became very agitated and said she ‘was not going anywhere until her son was contacted and he was with her’. Martha’s son normally lived abroad but was currently in this country. It became obvious that something was
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