Dilemma in Ethics Essay

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Ethical Dilemma Heather Kyzer CJA 324: Ethics in Criminal Justice September2, 2012 Janet Evans Ethical Dilemma Penn state university is well known university throughout this country. The past several months Penn States has fell to shame, disgrace, hurt, and the loss of a reputation that was so well respected. The controversy was horrible to anyone reading about the sexual abuse scandal that was brought up on former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky (Yanda, 2012). There is an ethical dilemma brewing because this fine school of academics and profound sports areas are being held to unjustifiable punishments. Jerry Sandusky is why this fine academic institution has felt these hardships, and he himself could receive 60 years to 442 years was enough (Yanda, 2012). Penn state university has been punished so severely for an issue that most had little or no control over. Since the scandal, this university has faced a list of punishments that were stated in the Washington Post such as * $60 million fine from the NCAA * Five years of probation * The wins from 1998-2011 have been vacated. *As result to this legendary coach Paterno is no longer the winningest coach in college football (Yanda, 2012). These types of punishments toward any University of this nature are like receiving the death penalty as a human. The pain and anguish that these young men and their families went through is horrible, but punishing a facility of this nature is unethical. The one that needs to be punished was the one that was found guilty June for his behaviors. Penn State University has much to prove this 2013 season as a sports facility as well as rebuilding its reputation. The number of players committed to Penn State for the 2013 recruiting class is back down to nine, which is extremely low for this institution (Cmor, 2012). Many of the students who

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