Digital Photography Essay

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Assessment Details Assignment 1 Due date: Value: Week 10 50% of total assessment Rationale This assessment item builds on theoretical knowledge that you have learnt in this subject. You should also use your experience gained in the understanding of digital photography techniques and equipments.   To understand the theories, concepts and principles of digital imaging and photography techniques. To select various digital imaging products and equipment for different applications and environments. Expected Learning Outcomes Assessed   To be able to use the techniques of digital imaging and photography effectively (LO1). To be able to use various design elements and lighting techniques to capture quality images (LO2). Instructions Buying camera is not an easy task to everyone, as camera types, sizes, features and prices will influence one to purchase the camera. However, it is not a onemodel that fits all kind of photography. In this assignment, student are asked to do a reaserch and to explain on different types of camera, such as Point and Shoot, Prosumer, and Digital SLR, for different photography (photojournalism, fashion, wedding, portraiture, sports, commercial, industrial products, advertisement, and etc). Suggest additional tools and equipments to enhance various types of photography, and to explain camera features that enhance good quality shots with the use of photography techniques. Besides, students are required to explain on the criteria of buying a camera. You will need to produce a report (2000 to 3000 words) and design a powerpoint presentation for your research and your camera buying guidelines. You will be evaluated in part based on the creativity of your solutions. CSW201 Assignment 1 Marking scheme Name: Part Introduction Comparison/ research on types of camera, equipments and formats (3 different camera categories) Research on
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