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Digital Media and Society CMST 301 Social networking websites are online services that effort on building and likeness social relations between people. They showed to be an important communication tool in every feature and a unbounded source of information movement plan. Their effectiveness to gain and connect a targeted political message, raising the stakes in plan and aggressive social media participation assistances in election campaigning. The use of social networking sites in political parties spans across increased media contact, backing, participation and has amplified mobilization and enthusiasm in many recent political campaigns. Social networking sites has become fast and low cost communication tool and enables quick and easy access to political information amongst potential users. Campaigning managers use these sites as an effective way for recruiting new employees and other campaigning plans. Social media has become a significant part of our modern civilization. It is a defining characteristic of how united our social interactions have become. We credit this achievement to the developments that have made in technology to creativity of the thinkers among us, who, in creating social networking platforms, have helped write some of the present events being experienced in the world today. With Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, myspace, Google+ and other social networks we have become much aware of the world we are living in and this is one of the changes being talked about. Social Networking giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Google have contributed to create a whole new world where we are free to express our opinion and share it with our friends. This world of social media gives choice to everyone to express and share ideas, thoughts and feelings, who want to be the part of it. Social media has become an important source of news. While the credibility

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