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DIGITAL MEDIA VS PRINT MEDIA It’s a question the advertising world has been asking themselves for up to ten years now: will online, digital media always been an offshoot from print media, or has it taken over completely? It can be argued that due to social media, and the increased access to the internet on mobile phones and tablets has increased the volume of society constantly connected to the web. According to the Pew study, which surveyed 2,254 people in March and April of this year, 52 percent of all cell phone owners said they had used their mobile phones and tablet devices to do a variety of things while watching TV. Over half of these again, said they were searching information about a commercial they saw, making it is obvious that these two forms of media can be used in conjunction with one another (Reardon, 2012, Para 2). However, they both possess their own strengths and weaknesses, and provide both positives and negatives to moving forward to digital driven media forms. The internet and online digital forms of media has far proceeded that of print in newspapers and magazines, as information, news updates and the latest headlines spread like wildfire around the entire globe, reaching people that local and national print titles would never be able to. Print advertising and media is lacking the accessibility that digital media has. This means digital print, online magazines and news sites have a distinct edge over its predecessor (Khilnani, 2012). “For online publishers, updates can be quick, seamless, and in a matter of minutes after the event takes place. Online media reaches people without any demographic or geographic boundaries, and people avail of it for free, theoretically speaking. So there is much temptation (and reason) to visit online news sites and social networks that syndicate news updates (Khilnani, 2010).” It seems like

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