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Not too long ago, even as digital was accepted as a way of life in the more connected parts of the world, in India it was still seen as the leap of faith for the next generation or maybe even the one after. That was then. In 2012, the world has changed and the power and reach of digital is being felt and how. Even while the debate rages on the reach and efficacy of the medium when pitted against the elephantine spread of television, brands are quietly shifting to the digital medium with a great deal of creativity and a whole lot lesser moolah. As Vivek Bhargava, CEO, iProspect-Communicate 2, a digital agency shares "The biggest change in the last one-year has been the number of CEOs and CMOs wanting to have deeper conversation with digital-professionals like us. It was clearly not happening earlier and is going to hopefully happen even more." To launch its latest brand campaign the leading e-commerce player Flipkart, did something out of the ordinary. Its 5 million-user base found themselves playing the role of a preview audience — albeit in the virtual world, getting a first look at the latest commercials even before they went live on TV. It was not just a strange way of thanking consumers. The brand went a step further and took real-time feedback from its viewers, informs Ravi Vora, senior vice president - marketing, Basis the feedback the media plan was quickly tweaked in terms of the weightage. Out of nine creatives that are a part of the campaign, three were allocated greater media spends since they generated a positive response and were liked more on social media. While the results are yet to come in, the brand has managed to tap into its strong user-base innovatively. After all 50 lakh unique users is more than what many channels can deliver. According to Vora, "Many users have actually got back to us saying that they are happy at having been

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