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A Winning Diet Everyday nutrition for active people Good Partners In keeping with our ongoing commitment to provide Australians with good food for good living every day, Nestlé is proud to be a partner sponsor of the Australian Institute of Sport. Nestlé will be focusing on building a practical involvement with the AIS for the benefit of the Institute, its visitors, and ultimately, all Australians who share the success of AIS athletes. As an integral part of the sponsorship, Nestlé is working closely with the Department of Sports Nutrition in the development of innovative performance food and beverage products. The partnership will further assist Australian athletes in giving them the winning edge in the international sporting arena and beyond. A Winning Diet In the modern world of sport, making it to the top requires commitment at many levels. These days it’s no longer sufficient to rely on fitness, talent and desire to win. No single factor can turn someone into a sporting legend – most good athletes use many tools to help them perform at their best. The right parents, the right training and the right skills are all important factors in performance. Eating well is also part of the package. A winning diet is not just for Olympic contenders. Athletes of all ages and levels can benefit from eating well. It’s part of knowing that you are at your best, and enjoying what you are doing. That’s rewarding, whatever your level of sport. So what is a winning diet? There is no secret formula or magic eating plan that works for everyone. Eating well is specific to you – to your special nutritional needs and to your schedule Written by the Department of Sports Nutrition, Australian Institute of Sport, Dr Louise Burke, Greg Cox, Nikki Cummings, Ben Desbrow, Michelle Minehan and brought to you by Nestlé. The AIS is a program of the Australian Sports Commission. of

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