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Digging to America 1. The plot revolves around two families, introduced to us in the first chapter. In what way is the first chapter different from the rest? What is the function of the first chapter; what purpose does it serve? The first chapter isn’t written in anybody’s point of view. In all of the other chapters, one of the characters if followed more closely and we get that person’s point of view. The first chapter is there to introduce us to all the characters in the book without pointing anybody out as the protagonist. 2. The narrator of the novel remains the same but the perspective or point of view moves around a great deal. Trace each shift in point of view throughout the novel (i. e. all chapters) and note how this influences the content of the story. The second chapter is from Maryam’s point of view. Even though I just said that Tyler doesn’t want an actual protagonist, I feel like the book is Maryam’s story since the first chapter that belongs to someone is hers, and much of the story revolves around her. Since the point of view moves around all the time it’s harder to dislike any of the characters; we get to know them well, which helps us understand them and their behavior. Had the story been from, let’s say Maryam’s point of view only, the Donaldson’s probably would have been a lot harder to sympathize with. Now instead, each shift in point of view helps us see the bigger picture. 3. Discuss how ”the American” is portrayed in this novel. And how can the title be interpreted in relation to the various portraits in the novel? “The American” is portrayed as white-bread, loud person who takes up a lot of space. When the girls arrive at the airport, the Americans are noisy, numerous, have “Mum”, “Dad” (and so on) buttons, lots of video cameras and balloons, while the Yazdans stand quietly on the side. It seems like the Americans

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