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Digestive System Essay

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  • on September 23, 2012
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Digestive System Table

Digestive Phase |Structures |Distance |Time |Function/Process |Enzymes/
Secretions produced |Motility | |Mouth & Throat |Mouth
• Tongue
• Salivary glands
• Teeth
• Pharynx
• Epiglottis
• Esophagus |5 inches – 1 ft |Minutes |The function of the Oral cavity is to analyze an sense foods, process foods, lubricates materials with mucus and salivary secretions, and also digest carbs and lipids.   |Salivary |Chewing, and swallowing of foods. | |Stomach |Stomach |1 ft |2 to 6 hrs |The stomach muscles create a churning action that breaks down food, with the combination of stomach acids and enzymes. Once the stomach has partially broken the food down it passes it along to the intestines.   |Pepsin |Filling, churning, and stomach contractions | |Intestines |Small Intestine
  - Duodenum
    - Jejunum
• Large intestine
    -Anus |20 feet

Up to 5 feet |3/5 hrs

Up to 24 hrs |The small intestine continues to mix food and absorb nutrients. The duodenum catches the chime created in the stomach along with the digestive secretions from the pancreas and liver. The Jejunum digest chemicals and absorb nutrients.
The large intestine moves waste from the body, but also retrieves water from the waste before leaving the body.
|Digestive secretions |Intestinal wall contractions | |
The digestive system affects the body temperature do to many factors such as metabolism, and the chemical reactions that take place during digestion of foods. During eating the metabolic rate increases to allow digestion. The chemical reactions increase as the body breaks down the food intake, and heat is released from the chemical bonds in the food. The combination of these things starting with the metabolism rate rising to allow digestion, and then the secretion of digestive juices, and the breakdown of the food and the chemicals in it, is what causes those slight temperature chances in the body during digestion.

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