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Diffusion, Discovery, & Invention Essay

  • Submitted by: justawhitekid17
  • on December 4, 2013
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Alec Grosser
Mr. Bailey
Culture, over the years has evolved in many ways, due to many different factors. It has spread all over the world, impacting millions and how they live their lives.   The concepts of invention, discovery and diffusion have all caused a drastic change in culture.

Cultural diffusion is when traits from one culture are passed on to the next. It may be caused by people born into a culture, but as they grow they develop beliefs based around their culture but slightly different. This can also take place through trade, migration, war and other forms of communication.   These actions may cause alterations in a cultures structure, causing people to branch off and begin other cultures or sub cultures based around their old one. Like how there is different forms of religion that all pray to the same god or higher power.

New inventions, over the decades have made the human race much lazier, causing separation in culture such as the Amish and Mennonites from people that choose to use technology. Technology has also made it easier to observe how other cultures live. New technology in different parts of the world may also lead to culture lag. Culture lag is when different cultures change at different rates. Which is why a culture in 3rd world or 2nd world countries culture would not be as evolved as to that of a 1st world country. Different cultures have spread around the world much more easily because of various inventions as well.

Different discoveries have impacted many cultures in different ways. Discovering is the process of recognizing or gaining knowledge on already existing things such as; gold, cures for diseases, planets or even other cultures. The discovery of

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