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Difficult Situation (Narrative) Essay

  • Submitted by: blambert8322
  • on October 20, 2010
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Difficult Situation
The warm autumn air felt just right and the beautiful, colorful leaves with the bright hues of green, red, and yellow littered the ground in a blanket.   The noon sun shining down was heavily illuminating everything.   No sounds but the crunching of leaves under my feet were present.   A beautiful start to a wonderful day or so I thought.
I turned quickly at the low sounds of crunching leaves.   I examined my surroundings and began to hear a low moaning.   I quickly see a person about one-hundred feet away lying on the ground.   I am somewhat cautious at first because, you just never know.   I suddenly realize that this person has been injured in some way.
As I neared this person I set eyes on a man of about thirty years, six feet maybe, and bleeding profusely at the leg.   I was filled with uncontrollable fear but soon realized this man had much more fear in his eyes than I could fathom.   His attire consisted of a camouflage shirt and pants with leather boots.   His belongings consisted of a canteen, knife, and a rifle which he had been using as a crutch.
I didn’t know what to do at first I guess because I was shocked.   I quickly started thinking on my feet.   I started by asking the man his name to try and keep him conscious.   He had lost a considerable amount of blood.   All I got was John out of him.   “Okay John, I’m going to try and help you.”
I quickly took his shirt and his knife from him.   I used the knife to carefully but quickly cut the shirt into two strips.   Carefully, I packed the first strip into the wound and wrapped the second torn strip around the wound on his leg.   I got his belt and added an extra hole and tightened it above the wound to make a tourniquet to slow the bleeding.
As if this wasn’t bad enough I suddenly heard the loud rumble of thunder as a distant cloud was on the horizon.   After accessing his wounds to best of my capabilities I took out my cell phone and dialed 911.   I explained where my car was located and...

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