Differently Able Essay

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9/25/2015 Disabled, or Differantly Able People with disabilities tend to survive in a world that is largely made for the “able-bodied” and it is apparent that they still want to lead a life which is no more different than normal people. But the bad news is—society, at large, views the disabled as a pack of retards who lack the natural ability to understand, comprehend or think good for themselves. What I came to know so far is that it is our common thought, or probably our nature, to fear or ridicule people who appear different from us. But an absent limb or any mental illness does not define their character or inner soul. They have the same rights as everybody else and want dignity and respect from every individual. I guess, the disabled are just as same as someone else, except the label or brand they are supposed to carry with them, and it doesn’t make sense to disgrace somebody if he/she cannot walk or has one arm instead of two. Now take it on yourself—think for a while…what if somebody passing by stares at you or kids point out fingers at you saying weird stuff to their companions and even calling you derogatory names? Ah! Such an annoying feeling, isn’t it? Never know the sentiments and emotions until you yourself walk in their shoes, eh? Well, the bottom line here is; please treat disabled people the way you want to get treated. They are also humans and have the same feelings and emotions like everyone else. Yeah, I agree with the fact that today a broken limb is no more an excuse for stepping back in extracurricular activities. It is not like that old 1970s when retarded people could not participate in athletics or professional or social activities. Thanks to technology and medicines, the disabled are now much able to cope up with the difficulties, but the social scenario still lies there. People are still unaware about treating and
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