Differentiating Between Market Structures Simulation

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Differentiating Between Market Structures Table Compare the four market structures by filling in the table. Perfect competition Monopoly Monopolistic competition Oligopoly Example organization Borden Center point Continental GM Goods or services produced by the organization Dairy Retail Energy Airlines Car Industry Barriers to entry Few Barriers No Entry Few Barriers Many barriers Number of organizations Large Number of Firms One Firm Many Firms Few Firms Price elasticity of demand Perfect Elasticity Inelastic Elastic Inelastic Is there a presence of economic profits? No Yes Short Run - Profit Long Run - No Profit Yes The simulation entitled `Differentiating between Market Structures is about a transportation company called the East-West transportation Inc. The transportation company has four divisions that they operate; Consumer Goods, Coal, Chemical, and Forest Products. Each of these divisions operates within four different market structures. The market structures that they operate in are Perfect Competition, Monopoly, Oligopoly, and Monopolistic Competition. In this paper, it will summarize the simulation and give a brief understanding of each step in the decision process. In economics, markets are categorized according to the structure of the industry serving the market. Industry structure is categorized on market structure variables, which are believed to determine the extent and characteristics of competition. Those variables, which have received the most attention, are number of buyers and sellers, extent of product substitutability, costs, ease of entry and exit, and the extent of mutual interdependence [Baumol, 1982; Colton, 1993]. In the traditional framework, these structural variables are distilled into the following taxonomy of market structures: These four market structures each represent an
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