Differentiating Between Market Structure Essay

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Differentiating Between Market Structure 2 Differentiating Between Market Structure Kudler Fine Food was founded in California in 1998 by the owner Kathy Kudler and so many years after that there have been several other stores opened in Del Mar, and Encinitas California. Kathy’s personal stress relieving pastime of cooking gourmet food spurred the idea of marketing similar products. La Jolla was the very first store became an immediate success and turned a profit during the first year of operation. There are times that fine foods tend to decline just like any other marketplace. Kudler Fine Foods has experienced limited expansion, high wages in specialty positions, and a surprisingly slow operation at the Del Mar location. The goal of every organization is to increase profitability, the company strategic plan, marketing overview, and market survey information must be reviewed to determine if possible adjustments will make a difference. Strategic Plan After reading Kudler strategic plan that was developed in 2003, it was possibly clear that the company put forth a great deal of thought regarding the organizations strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. Seeking innovation, and determining a pathway to success will require the weaknesses be addressed, the opportunities seized, and the threats considered. When the company completes its accomplishment, the company will arrive at its success; the strength will continue to increase as well as the profitability will have emerged. Addressing Weaknesses Employees who worked at Kudlers are being paid high wages for the special positions that they do because they are required by individual analysis to determine to see if the job position should continue to be filled or should it be determinate. Having a butcher
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