Different View on Homelessness

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Can people really be content in being homeless? Does being homeless change people's perception or views of other human beings in a different social economics categories? the two authors, Lemieux & Eighner are definitely on opposite polar spectrums of how they chose to deal with homelessness and the direct effect it had on each of them regarding their own personal homeless situations. The authors seem to have different views regarding the way they obtain things; Lemieux will pan handle or ask for money. He also does a lot of reminiscing about his past life and shares vivid memories of events that took place during Thanksgiving to help him cope or even forget about his present situation of living life as a pauper (per his words). He stays confined to a small span of area which consists of a church parking lot and a couple of little shopping malls. HAs for Eighner, he appears to take on a different view, he does not reminisce about the good old days of living like normal people who could afford food, shelter, or materialistic things. He did try everything in his power to keep paying rent while scavenging through dumpsters for everyday necessities such as food, clothing, candles, radios, and so forth. He targeted areas that were made up of college students who obviously came from very wealthy backgrounds. In their endeavors, both authors made sure the animals that they had as companions were cared for and fed. There is an abundance of love and compassion they showed for their furry friends. Eighner could learn a lot about people by their trash. He seemed to be positive about dumpster diving and finding that he gained a great deal of experience and knowledge from it. In his experience he found that people who had more money, or who were able to have money at their disposal (college students), were more likely to throw away things that were

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