Different Types of Women Essay

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DIFFERENT TYPES OF WOMEN Women are complex and of many types. They Women are complex and of many types. They are extremely hard to understand and have various complex behavior. Some types of women are the cheerful ones, the socialites, the shy ones, the successful ones and the gold diggers . The cheerful type is characterized by spontaneity, optimism, enthusiasm, high energy, mental flexibility, novelty seeking, impulsiveness and curiosity. These people often have very expressive faces and love using words like "adventure", "energy", "new", "fun", "active", "travel" and the like. They are extremely energetic and adventurous, they like doing different activities all the time and staying active. The socialite type people are mainly defined by their social skills like their ability express themselves and read other people face expressions and body language. They do well at connecting facts and seeing "the big picture". They are nurturing, sympathetic, agreeable and emotionally expressive. Some of these character traits are linked with estrogen that is present in both, men and women. Physically you can recognize them by their smooth skin, round faces and small noses. Shy women are not confident. They usually don’t have a lot of self esteem. The more extreme ones may even have an inferiority. Shy women are somewhat conservative. They are self reserved and conscious. They don’t just go around talking to people they restrain themselves and keep quiet. They feel low of their selves and do not socialize. The other type is the typical confident and successful woman. She has always been confident and she always has many friends around her. She is the type of girl that makes parties and invites a lot of people to those parties. She is usually successful in life and she may have many long term relationships with men. She has self esteem and she is confident. She might

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