Different People Share Similar Dreams Essay

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Lindsey Adams English 7 14 October 2010 Dr. Bryson How Two People Being So Different Share Similar Dreams J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye and Yxta Maya Murray’s Locas talk about two teenagers, Holden and Cecilia, who share different backgrounds and live in different areas. For example Holden, a young teenage boy born from a wealthy family, goes to a prestigious high school, while Cecilia, a teenage girl whose family has limited money, lives her life by being part of her brother’s gang. However, Holden and Cecilia are also both similar; they both want the same dreams. One similarity is that Holden and Cecilia are not content with the lifestyles they are living. For example, Cecilia first believes that being closer to her brother and being part of the gang is the life she wants but finds out that it has made her life worse. Then she decides that she wants to escape from it. “Since I’m his baby sister that means I must have that blood in me too, somewhere in me like a wild horse….But that’s not me. I fight it. I try real hard all the time” (3). Cecilia talks about how being the sister of a gang leader makes people assume that it is in her “blood” and that she must take part in it. This starts her journey for searching what she really wants in her life. “It’s…remember the good times…now I know that the things my brother was doing were bad….The church taught me that was wrong….showed me how gangbanging ain’t nothing but the devil’s mess” (54). She realizes that being part of the gang is not the life she wants and learns right from wrong. She learned now from Church that what the gang does is evil. “It made me throw-up sick again thinking how I took that mama’s purse while her Niña was crying, and I felt killer mad too…”(89). Cecilia regrets doing some of the tasks that she was made to do; once these tasks, in actuality crimes, have been committed, she

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