Different Look-Same Advertising Method

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Different Look-Same Advertising Method Nowadays, we are surrounded by the visual message—advertisement. When we saw one on the magazine, we may unconsciously, rapidly turn it over. We inescapably saw it everywhere, but lots of us, consumers, do not really know much about it. Whereas this will never stop advertising designers creating visual ideas for their clients’ merchandises, conveying their message to consumers and stimulating demand for their merchandises. With their support, a well-advertised product can be known by a lot people and then dominate the market. In order to make the merchandise provocative, a good advertisement needs to focus on the element of the merchandise. Although every advertising company has its own method to promote the advertised product, making the advertisements look multifarious, they happen to follow a same advertising principle, which is, a good advertisement should emphasize the main character on the merchandise itself and the value of the brand. This essay will compare and contrast two well-known, luxury wristwatch advertisements to see how these two different look images use the same advertising method. The first wristwatch advertisement, found on Forbes Life, a magazine for people living in high quality, is for the watches made by Breitling, a famous brand of Swiss watches. The designers of this advertisement, costing a lot of money to make a two-page advertisement on such a luxury magazine, depict a handsome man sits in the cockpit of a small airplane, wearing a Breitling watch on his right hand and looking outside sturdily. The background is filled with high buildings and large mansions in the city. On the right side of the advertisement, there is an additional big image of the watch the man wore and the logo of Breitling. On the left side, shows the slogan:” Profession: Pilot, Career: Actor”. The airplane occupies almost

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