Different Cultures Essay

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Different Cultures 1 The Nigerian and Chinese Culture Vernetta Williams Ant 101 Ms. Stafford August 10, 2009 Different Cultures 2 Nigeria and China, two vastly different countries, press onward to the future by expanding tradition and roles in society. Though they are different, they are found to be United in the role of men and women, etiquettes and the ever growing population. Nigeria and China men and women have different roles in their culture, but we all know that the men were more powerful and educated than the women. Emphasis has always been place on male members of the family more because of their rights to both family inheritance and extension of family lineage and name. Embedded in the family system are social norms passed down from one generation to another. Most of the societal norms cut across the nation irrespective of age, educational achievements, religion, material states, and so on. With the gradual introduction of lifestyle and religious virtues, one is interested in knowing if the Nigerian and Chinese lifestyle trend is still the same. In Nigeria very few women are active in the political and professional areas. If they make it to the professional area. They rarely make it to the higher levels. Even though the women of Nigeria make it into the professional workforce, they still have to play the significant roles in the economy. They are expected to earn a portion of the families income along with the male. Most of the time the women have to provide for themselves and their children. In the Nigerian culture the women had a certain crop to cultivate and they were different crops from what the men had to cultivate. The etiquettes of the Chinese culture and the Nigerian culture are similar in many ways. Both cultures are very big on greetings. When

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