Different Between My Life With Father’S Life Essay

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DIFFERENT BETWEEN MY LIFE WITH FATHER’S LIFE I’m still remembers about my father’s story. Before I had gone to school, he always motivated me with his life. In the history, he talks about his academic studies, lifestyle, technologies outcome in his generation and the exercise of culture of his generation. When I heard, I will motivate because the generations very survive for their life. I thanks to God because my life is not difficult like him. From the history I can compare and contrast our life with the formerly generation. It is be related to school system, lifestyle, technologies outcome, and our cultural. First subject will be discus is the school system or our academic studies. I never think my father get the better teaching and learning from school like me. The best learning in my school is form the new technology like LCD projector to present slide show for teaching. Teacher or lecture will be teaching effectively. No need to waste time for writing on the black or white board their note. Student can print the slide for references and reading. It is very easy but not for the formerly generation style. From the history, he used the stone board with the chalk to write down all of note in the class. He need memorize because after class he must to erase for tomorrow learning. In my generation, I didn’t need write and erase. I have personal computer. I can type and save or a can record our lecturer and heard anytime from my MP3. My father’s learning is very difficult. Second topic is comparison of our lifestyle. My father everyday no breakfast before went to school. Sometime he will breakfast if have the extra money. His pocket money a day actually is 10 or 20 cent only. At the canteen he can purchase cake and drink water is supply from home. After back from the school, he went work to get additional pocket money and to help his family in poor life. His job is

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