Different Approached in Psychology Essay

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“According to the British Psychological Society, psychology is: The scientific study of people, the mind and behaviour.”(Gross, 2010) There are many different approaches in psychology; five which commonly used are Social, Biological, Psychodynamic, Learning and Cognitive. Each approach explains human behaviour in different ways and uses different research methods to investigate behaviour. They each have both interesting and different histories. For example, the cognitive approach was developed in the 1950’s when computers provided a model for the working brain, and the Social approach has its roots in ancient Greece. Every approach tries to gain a full understanding of human behaviour but each approach has strengths and weaknesses, which also must be considered. The oldest of the approaches is the Social approach. This has its roots in ancient Greece with Aristotle theorising the "individual centred approach". He believed that humans were naturally sociable, a necessity which allows us to live together. However Plato felt that the state controlled the individual and encouraged social responsibility through social context. This is called a Socio-Centered approach (McLeod, 2007). However the Social approach only became popular after WWII when people were struggling to understand the Holocaust. In fact one of the core Social approach studies was by Stanley Milgram in 1979, who himself was a Jew. “The Social approach is concerned with understanding how people act when they are with each other. This ranges from looking at body language, to understanding why people obey those in authority, or when they may or may not help someone who seems to need it.” (Hayes, 1995)There are two key assumptions of the Social approach. The first is that individuals and groups affect our behaviour, Psychologists study the interactions between one and others to explain behaviour. The

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