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Differenece Between High School and College Essay

  • Submitted by: mousumi00
  • on February 15, 2014
  • Category: College Admissions
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There are many ways that college is different from high school. College is a place where everything is opposite from high school and it is more challenging. As a college student it is our responsibility to decide whether or not we want to move forward in life. While in high school we did not have to worry about responsibilities. Since this is my first semester in college, I had to go through some difficulties. Such as getting to know the regulations of college, making my schedule, going to class on time and hand in the assignments on time.
  As of now the hardest part of college for me is managing my time wisely. I need to spend time making schedule to do my reading and writing homework. For the second lecture of my psychology class I was supposed to finish reading chapter one but I did not read as I always did in high school. I was completely lost when my professor was giving the lecture and asking questions from the chapter, and I was not able to answer. Therefore, at that moment, I realized that it is not high school anymore and that now I am a college student.
In addition, I am not forced to attend classes but it is my decision that I want to attend my lectures. When my professor gives me assignments and I forget to do them, my professors are not going to feel bad that I forgot to do them. Therefore, it is my responsibility to stay aware of everything around me and take my education seriously as a college student.

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