Differences of Freedom and Independence

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FREEDOM AND INDEPENDENCE Freedom and independence differs a lot. For the freedom it simply means that you’re able to do things that you want to and you control over your own actions where no one‘s stopping you. Moreover, you’re being free from everything and making things without boundaries and no one can limit you except from yourself .also, no one controls you or manipulates you like a robot that once given a command immediately it will do the task. So everything’s depends into the person’s decision because the person has the ability to make choices. But that person itself is also the one whose encharge for anything’s she/he’ve done. Because like what I said it’s the person who sets his or her limits and if that persons go beyond on it for what of he or she settled up totally he or she will do all the consequences that might happen. Freedom has a lot to refers it could be liberty ,free wills, freedom of speech etc. but despite of that still it falls down into a certain means as long as you let someone knew you’re side and you do a certain action just by deciding by your own ,you are free, then. So, to sum up freedom most pertains/explains in to the person or people itself. Independence, on the other hand, means a freedom with rules and regulations it pertains for the country. It is being free but always entails .great responsibilities. You’ll need to think twice for every action you want to do unlike in freedom you yourself will create your own limitations and just do what you want. Independence means standing by your own without depending onto others, you must be on yourself and should not rely to someone’s decision, support/influence. Doing things by your own should be always planned because it’s yourself who will benefit the most Independence also refers to the idea of a state or country which is not controlled by another country.

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