Differences In The Chrysalids

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People should be free to themselves even if they’re different. Acceptance is a big factor in our life today. You need to give people a chance for them to become more open. No giving them a chance will hurt them and they would be harmed for the rest of they’re life. Giving them a chance means respecting them. My own life experience, at my school, I’ve seen a lot of teenagers not accepting people that want to be friends with you, just because they are different, they will just ignore the people and walk away or just insult them in a nasty way. Also friendship is a big factor, like when David and Sophie in the Chrysalids, they become best friends to go on in life and to be happy, that is two totally different types of humans who came together and accepted each other and gave each other a chance. After accept people how you would want to be accepted. Different types of people must be respected like normal people. One big factor is the races in the world today. Like the people living in the Fringes, they’re all different types of races. This doesn’t mean you cannot treat them differently because they have a different race then you. Also people may be different looking. Like in the Fringes, some of the people who live there are weird/deformed. But still, you cannot judge someone by its figure. Not everyone is prefect. They all can’t be something you want them to be. Last but not least, religion. Just be yourself. Believe in what you want to believe in. Very religious people that are my friends have told me they are forced to go to church every Sunday which they don’t want to. I think that’s wrong, I want people to believe in what religion they want. Parent might tell them no, you have to come every Sunday or else your grounded. Also to make choices. Like Joseph storm made a choice to believe in what he wanted to believe in. So by that he has picture

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