Differences Between Virginia and Massachusetts

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Differences between Virginia and Massachusetts University of Phoenix HIS/110CA Version 1, U.S. History to 1865 MU13ELC12 12/3/2013 Differences between Virginia and Massachusetts There was very little difference between Virginia and Massachusetts but the main ones lay between their economic and society. Each of these colonies was founded upon different ways of living. People from different areas with different types of customs and religious beliefs, both settled in each of them. They both were dependent upon their different ways of agriculture, labor, trade, religion and settlement. The Virginian colony was independent upon plantations and mass crop growing. They grew various crops such as indigo, tobacco and rice. .the settlers who planted beans and tobacco among other things, they quickly learned that tobacco needed to be rotated. So they rotated the crop every season or two, too different fields so that they could maintain growth. With the vast amount of crops that the Virginians would grow they constantly needed to expand their portions of land. Thus they moved westward into fresh, unsettled land where they could produce more crops. With the constant movement they would rarely mess with the deeds to the land. They also still followed the head right system after becoming a royal colony. But because Virginia had a better climate than Massachusetts they would grow more exotic crops. Which also had a great deal of impact on their way of trade as well as the quality of goods produced, trading directly from their port. Another interesting aspect was that Virginia did not have any women until 1619. According to American History’s author Alan Brinkley; “In 1619, it sent 100 Englishwomen to the colony (which was still overwhelmingly male) to become the wives of male colonists. The women could be purchased for 120 pounds of

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