Differences Between Traditional and Community Policing Essay

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Differences between traditional and community policing Traditional policing has been mainly reactive in nature. That is, police patrol the streets during their shift and react to crimes and infractions that are being committed. They also respond to dispatched calls of crimes that are currently in progress given by the dispatcher. Crime prevention is achieved through police presence in the streets and neighborhoods in that of high crime areas. An example of that would be in some of the projects in Newark, NJ where there is a high rate of crime, the increase in police presence helps lower the crimes such as shootings, robberies, murder, and drug dealer. Now this cannot stop it but merely lower the rate at which crime occurs. Negative interaction between the community and police in these areas is usually the case but not always. Community policing, on the other hand, is much more proactive in nature. Proactive policing assumes that intervention needs to be targeted to effectively reduce the amount of crime produced in the community. Until discussion about community policing appeared in law enforcement circles in the early 1980s, it had been assumed that crime control is the sole responsibility of police. Police are typically assigned to certain areas in their jurisdiction and establish ties with the various community groups. Some examples of these groups are church associations, neighborhood associations, and youth groups. The idea is that when police are involved with the community they are not viewed as the bad guy but that they are there simply to enforce the law. Crime prevention is achieved through positive interaction with police and the community. In order for police to achieve better relationship with the community, departments need to become more like open systems. This has tremendous implications on the organization of police departments. The structure of

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