Differences between rock and rap

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Differences between rock and rap. Nowadays many young people like to listen modern music. There is no day in the life of teenagers without music. But what music do they listen? There are two popular styles of music – rock and rap. These two kinds of music show freedom, independence, responsibility and view for the life of the teenager society. Rock and rap grabbed attention of the teenager audience for the next 3 reasons: preconditions of occurrence, style of playing music and new musical instruments and of course singers. Rock and rap are very different in age, but they are similar at the history of their occurrence. Rock appeared about 90 years ago, in the times of Great Depression. At that time there were good preconditions for creating such original style of music. Rock is the recreation of popular music styles – blues and rock-n-roll. It occurred at the hardest time in America for expressing in the new hard and powerful music all problems, which touched millions of unemployed people. With the help of rock people tried to support their comrades in one's hour of need. Unlike rock rap is younger. It appeared just 20-25 years ago, when the era of social independence and absolute freedom came to the western world and absorbed all the changes in the life of young people. Rap is the vocal manner for which one of the characteristic is to say a rapid speech, not always understandable text. It gained very big success, especially at the end of 80-s. This style of music engaged teenagers with its unpredictability and brilliance. That was the music that all teenagers wanted to hear. So, both rock and rap occurred at that moment, when they were needed. But not only social factors were the reason for creating rock or rap, the main think was the creation of new musical instruments followed with the new style of playing. In both genres of music people used instruments to

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