Differences between the novel ``Of Mice and Men and the corresponding movie

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The book ``Of Mice and Men´´ from John Steinbeck has a corresponding movie made in 1992. The story is se tin the 1930´s about the friendship between the two main characters Lenny and George. Producer/Director Gary Sinise and Screenwriter Horton Foote keep very close in to the plot in the movie, which has only some minor changes in it. The book has similarities to a screen play, as there are manly only four different scenes, which are the Salinas River, the bunkhouse, Crook´s room and the barn. Therefore the two main differences from the book in the movie are that there are different scenes to various other locations, happening and emotions especially between people can be shown in pictures, rather then telling them the audience. The audience is told in the book, some background information, which is important to understand the story, but the movie shows them visually by adding more scenes. In the beginning of the story George and Lennie have to walk ten miles, because they got kicked of the bus. This is shown in the movie as the beginning. As well another example is, when in the book George is talking about how Lennie got him in trouble in Weed, but the movie shows this as a flashback scene. Some happenings got shifted around or even left out. An example is in the beginning where Lennie gets the mouse taken of George. In the book the mouse is thrown back, but in the movie the topic is brought up when George and Lennie have to stay overnight at the Lake. In the end of the book Lennie is hallucinating about his stepmother aunt Clara and a big giant rabid. This scene is left out completely in the movie. The character of Curley´s wife got shown slightly different in the movie, as she appears more dangerous to the men. She always is seeking for attention, but if the men give her attention they might get into trouble with Curley. The reason why some scenes got added

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