Differences and Similarities of Europeans and Native Americans

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When looking at the Europeans and the Indians, their differences outweighed any similarities they had. Gender roles were a big difference for both people. European men were usually in charge of matrilineal work including social events and government issues. The Indian women took care of these roles in their tribes. Men in the colonies also were in charge of cultivation and labor work. The women in Native American tribes did the outside work. Europeans disapproved of this gender role difference greatly. Indian men did not even wish to interact with the Europeans who they saw as feminine because of the gender role differences. Religion was another difference between the Europeans and Indians. The Indian people had a culture in which everything was connected. Everything in nature to them had a spiritual connection. The things they were given or received from nature were spiritual and they remained close to the lives and tales of the creatures and beings in their natural environment. Europeans did not look at their religion this way. They focused on Christianity and the belief of their one and only God. They did not look upon the Indian spiritual religion as civilized and would convert the Indians to Christianity. The Europeans believed that if they followed Christianity they would go to heaven. The Indians did not have a belief in heaven or hell but the ones who followed Christianity worried whether their souls would only go to heaven where the Europeans were and not to their people. The only similarity the Europeans and Indians shared was interdependence. The Europeans would trade their ammunition and guns and machinery to the Native Americans who would in turn give them food and supplies they needed. The Indians did not have experience with the European warfare, however considering the Native american weapons were all hand made from nature. They also shared some

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