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Difference/s We usually look for the people that are the least different from us and find compatibility to be synonymous with similarity. Our friends are chosen with the explicit criteria that they are able to share our interests, thoughts and most importantly our idiosyncrasies. Yet we find examples of a pair who get along as well as any two people could and yet be as dissimilar as chalk and cheese. So there must be some pattern to how and why sometimes people who apparently seem poles apart have the strongest of connection. The answer to this perplexing enigma lay just in the simple, trouble free “s”. Having a difference is one thing while having differences is a completely diverse story. You could make a list of a million and one things different between two people yet the reason for their synchronous flight is that they do not “have differences” amongst them. They realize the dissimilarity and the contrasts in their nature but never let the differences come in the way of the relationship. This is the reasons that the opposites attract theory holds true.The best friend I have is someone who has the least interest in books whereas if I was to be awarded three wishes one of them would most definitely be a library with countless books.Yet when I relate a quote or even an hour long monologue about my latest read, he listens and at times, even manages to share my enthusiasm. What more could I ask for! I, on the other hand have not developed the sense needed to appreciate the ever changing, universally accepted, trends of fashion in apparel. But as almost all my trusted companions have, I try to keep up with them in their choices and respectfully appreciate them rather than dissecting these critically (the choices....not the friends). As children, it was the simplest thing to make friends but as we grow older we seem to find it complicated and

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