Differences Essay

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Differences Being different could be a plus or a minus; it depends of how different you are. We can be different in so many aspects like physically, emotionally, if we have a disease or if just our personality it’s totally the opposite from other people you know. Well, physically we could find fat, thin, small, tall, big nose, big feet, etc. It all depends on what’s your concept of beauty. For instance, some people may like fat human beings; others just take it as if it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. We all have one concept of beauty stuck in our minds because that’s how we were raised; it’s the thin, long legs average girl and nice face. This concept of almost everyone has led to bullying; yes, bullying. Emotionally we are different to everyone, we all have our own internal problems we face day by day, trying to be happy just having a fake smile all day long in our face, some people think that’s the best way to start to reach happiness but bullshit, it only stops people from asking what’s wrong with you. It’s very important to be different in our own way. Be original, don’t die a copy. Changing a little bit we arrive to diseases. It’s absolutely NOT a privilege to have a disease and we have different ones as everyone knows. Autism, Down syndrome, mental disorders, and learning problems are all part of the so-called “special people” or “different people”. Its not bad to be special, the could be normal people just with some things they are incapable of doing or understanding. Running deep into our thoughts we should realize what we’ve done like bullying, racism, or any other way to hurt someone. I invite you to put on others shoes and you will see its not easy having to handle with it. Thank

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