Difference Between The Thirteen Colonies

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King George III of Great Britain was not truly as harsh as stated in the Declaration of Independence. The thirteen ‘original’ colonies started with Virginia’s founding in 1607, yet were not fully there until Georgia was founded in 1733. Despite this one hundred twenty-six year difference between the founding of the colonies, they are still called original. They also come together in the fact that they are all American as well. Can land up to approximately two thousand miles away and all between them even passing climate zones be united? Yes they could and can. Even though these northern, middle and southern American colonists established various patterns of settlement, various political systems, dissimilar economies, and even different values, the American colonies had much in common. The thirteen colonies were divided up into three distinct regions, the northern New England colonies, the middle bread colonies, and the southern plantation colonies. Based on location, lifestyle, economy,…show more content…
The New England colonies, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island, were mostly Puritan, and other peoples looking for religious freedoms. The soil and climate in these colonies was insufficient for good crop growth, therefore, they turned to the seas to be shipbuilders and fishers. The Middle Colonies, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey were the most ethnically mixed colonies as well as the most religiously tolerant as a whole. The Middle colonies were fortunate to be able to make mass quantities of grain, hence its nickname ‘The bread basket of America’. The Southern Colonies, Virginia, Maryland, North and South Carolina, and Georgia had the tobacco and sugar plantations that provided immense exports. Despite the many differences amongst colonial America,
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