Difference Between the Salaries of Athletes and Other Professions

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In this essay I will discuss the big difference between the salaries of athletes and other professions like doctors, teachers, and lawyers. I will be giving my opinion on whether the pay difference is fair or not. Some people argue that it is unfair for sports professionals to earn so much money just for entertaining people (mostly men). Comparing the salaries of the two, an average doctor earns under $500,000 on a yearly basis while athletes make an outstanding amount of $30,000,000 and above. For example, an American boxer called Floyd Mayweather makes a staggering $85,000,000 per year, not including all the money he gets from commercials and other contracts. It’s really unfair to doctors, teachers, lawyers and all people with professions that are beneficial to society. Doctors spend seven to ten years, which is almost a decade of their lives, studying in order to help people; teachers spend their entire career teaching and cultivating the future members of our society and encouraging them to learn. A study also shows that teachers spend an average of 485 dollars on school every year. Those are the people with praiseworthy professions who deserve to get a higher pay. On the other hand, some people claim that it is fair for athletes to get that amount of money, but my question is why? Why should they get more money than people who fight every day to save lives, like firemen or policemen, or people who dedicate their entire lifetime giving to society, like teachers or doctors? All athletes do is box, run, jump, or kick a ball. Is that really so important to the point that they deserve suck a huge salary? We have heard of stories that would sound ridiculous if they weren’t real, like spending $5,000 per week at The Cheesecake Factory and purchasing 120 out of 130 seats on a commercial airline, all actions done by an athlete named Vince Young. I’m not saying that

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