Difference Between The Nervous Sytems Essay

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Difference between somatic and autonomic nervous system Point of difference | Autonomic nervous system | Somatic nervous system | Main Function | Its main function is to carry out the functions that are mostly below the normal consciousness level; the visceral functions is an apt example of the same. In short, this is the system that adjusts and maintains the internal environment of the body. | It is the part of the peripheral nervous system that is associated with voluntary movements of the body that are within our control, that is, with the help of skeletal muscles. This is basically the system that helps the body to adjust to the external environment. | Number of Neuron From CNS to Effector Organ | There are two different neurons that form the pathway of the autonomic nervous system, from the spinal cord to the target organ or tissue. The first neuron, which is the preganglionic neuron, runs from the brain or spinal cord and ends at the postganglionic neuron. The second neuron, on the other hand, runs from the autonomic ganglion to the effector or the target tissue. | The somatic nervous system has a single neuron running from the spinal cord, and directly ending in and innervating the skeletal muscle. | Further Subdivisions | It is further divided into two more divisions - the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system. At times, the enteric nervous system is also said to be a part of the autonomic nervous system. | There are no further subdivisions of the somatic nervous system. | Target Organ/s | As the autonomic nervous system is further divided into so many different parts, it is but obvious that the target organs for this system are many. Basically, the nerves of the autonomic nervous system are associated with the functioning of internal organs like the heart, lungs, viscera and various glands. | The somatic nervous system

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