Difference Between Spoken And Spoken Language

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The English language are made of both spoken and written characteristics, they have their difference in various ways. In a flawless way of speaking still often comes with hesitation ,utterance and repetition where in written won't be found due to being Edited and well prepared. In my assignment task 2 I have chosen two text a written news article and transcript of spoken conversation ,In order to help me analyze the common difference between both. In this essay I will be discussing each spoken and written own features and in details major contrast of written and spoken text in addition to the results of my charts. Firstly in English formal ways of writing are plenty, you can find them in novels, news article, academic writing even most…show more content…
Than In embedding where there was three embedding clauses in written while in spoken zero. Also In written text one there was longer noun phrases such as'' the property in a quiet residential neighbourhood in Clayton County on Friday night'' where in spoke there is shorter noun phrases for instance'' ''in the South Australian economy''. Both written and spoken texts has ellipsis word but is mostly occurs in spoke as a result of quick conversation, an example from text two can be ''they'll have to'' complexity in an around clauses differ from both type of text. In written we find more dependent clauses linked through subordinations and sometimes can be recognized in finite or non finite verbs such as ''whose name has not been released'' where In spoken there is a lot pauses and hesitations that can cause coordination clauses connecting with conjunctions (and, but, or). Both text might have their differences structure of grammar however is equally known as

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